Your Comprehensive Guide To Clear Braces

You have perhaps been considering having your overbite or underbite corrected for some time now. It is also likely that your crooked front teeth are making you too self-conscious about your not too perfect smile and general facial appearance.

Clear Braces Image

Yes, you’d love to acquire dental braces, but because of your age, you shy away from trying the standard metal ones which will make appear like a teenager. Then the answer for your dental needs lies in clear braces. This custom made solution has been recommended by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) as ideal for handling your simple orthodontic issues.

These are laboratory custom made removable trays produced from clear acrylic. Over a set period of time, these trays successively get replaced with fresh sets to gradually reposition your teeth, eventually giving you that dazzling and winning smile.

Are You a Good Candidate?

To know if you would make a good candidate for this type of dental management, the ideal initial step is to set up an appointment with a dental expert. The right professional who deals with such issues is known as an orthodontist. In Australia, all dental professionals must be accredited by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

The orthodontist is going to assess your dental needs and establish if these types of braces are appropriate for your needs. However, it is important to remember that these invisible braces are generally more suitable for grownups and those older teens that have all their adult teeth.

What are the Advantages?

Clear Braces Before and After photoThese particular braces correct your misaligned, overcrowded or widely spaced teeth. They also will rectify other forms of dental malocclusions which were previously only treated using metal braces.

As they are available at a base cost that is comparable to what you may be charged for traditional orthodontic management for a similar period of treatment, these invisible braces have a number of additional advantages.

  • Because your trays are made of comfortable and smooth acrylic, you will have less risk of cheek and lip irritation.
  • You can remove the braces to have your teeth brushed or flossed as you normally would. This allows you to keep your teeth and gums perfectly healthy.
  • You can remove the dental trays at any time, but ideally you should have them on for a minimum of 22 daily.
  • As it is possible to remove them when eating or drinking, it does not limit the food choices you have when on treatment.
  • The best part? You’ll be boosting your smile without having anyone in the know!

Final Tips

Similar to any form of orthodontic management and treatment, regular consultations to orthodontist’s clinic becomes mandatory. Remember, when selecting your orthodontist, the website run by the Australian Society of Orthodontics (ASO) makes an excellent referral point.

Here are a few other useful pointers:

  1. The braces could lose their appeal if they get stained. Therefore keep them cleaned!
  2. Stay away from foods which could cause staining. Such would include soups, pasta sauce, berries, etc.
  3. If you must eat or take potentially staining food or drinks, its best to first get the braces off. Alternatively brush or floss immediately after taking such meals.
  4. Try and drink clear water along with your food as it helps in washing your teeth and braces.
  5. When drinking juices and sodas, use straws to avoid teeth staining.